Comprehensive or “All Risks” coverage covers the insured for loss or damage suffered as a result of collision, theft, fire, malicious damage, flood and hurricane. Included with the own damage coverage is Liability coverage for injury or damage caused by the insured to Third Parties. In addition to being covered for Own Damage and Third Party Liability, the Comprehensive auto insurance policy also covers

  • Loss of Use
  • Towing Expenses
  • Accidents to the Insured
  • Personal Accident (Passenger Liability)
  • Medical & Air Ambulance Expenses

Not all the benefits/coverages mentioned above are available under a “Commercial Comprehensive” Auto Policy.

Third Party Liability Only
Third Party or Liability Auto insurance provides coverage to owners and operators of autos for injury and/or damage caused to Third Parties. This coverage is compulsory by law. Rights and obligations of parties are established in the LAM ( “LANDSVERORDENING MOTORIJTUIGEN” )

Mini comprehensive insurance

Mini Comprehensive insurance provides coverage against damage to your own vehicle due to fire, theft, joyriding and windscreen breakage in addition to Third Party Liability Coverage.

Optional Coverage Extensions
Tool of Trade Extension – this coverage is intended for vehicles used “off road” where the Road Traffic Acts do not apply. (eg. vehicles used on work sites, customers’ premises etc).
Trailer Extension – covers Liability for Auto owners when they are towing a trailer in the event that the Trailer detaches and causes injury or damage.